Women Have These Problems Due to Increasing Obesity

Obesity isa serious problem. Let us know, what mental and physical problems women may have to face due to this?

Due to obesity, the level of glucose in the blood increases and due to this, the sugar level in the blood also increases. In this way. the risk of type 2 diabetes in women increases.


Weight gain increases the risk of high biood pressure. At this time, there is more pressure on the heart for blood circulation, which damages the heart and blood vessels.

High Blood Pressure

There is also a reason for the problem of depression in women. To avoid this, try to lose weight


Obesity and diabetes can lead to fatty liver disease in women. Due to this many other problems may also have to be faced

Fatty Liver

Being obese can lead to kidney problems. This affects the process of filtering the blood.

Kidney Disease

Obesity is the main cause of heart diseases. Cholesterol increases due to weigtht gain and due to high BP, there can be a problem of heart attack.

Heart Problems

Digestive problems can occur due to weight gain. Abdominal pain can occur due to Tiatulence and indigestion. Because of this you cannot sleep properly


Your behavior changes because of obesity. Sometimes you are iritable, sometimes you are completely calm. In such a situation, some hormonal changes can also happen in the body.

Change Mood

Eat green vegetables, fruits, protein-rich diet and coarse grains. drink water Do not take caffeine at night do yoga.

Ways to Reduce Fat

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