Why do Children Feel Less Hungry?

Today, in this article, we know from Dr Amit Gupta, what are the reasons behind children feeling less hungry. Read the story to know in detail-

Due to stress, children do not feel hungry even adults. In such a situation, due to which the child is under stress, parents should find out


Children often become irritable due to any other disease including abdominal pain, diarthoea, headache and fever. Even in this situation, they do not like food.

Due to illness

One of the main reasons why children feel less hungry is the worms in their stomach. In this case a doctor should be contacted immediately.

Worms in Stomach

Due to taking anti-biotics, it has often been seen that in such a situation, children start feeling less hungry. This problem gets rid of after the completion of the course of medicines.

Anti Biotics

if your child has a problem of constipation, then in such a situation also his appetite is affected. When there is constipation, the stomach becomes bloated and there is no appetite.


Children suffering from this problem feel less hungry and they also become iritable. This can have a bad effect on their development, so contact the doctor immediately


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Ways to increase the appetite of the Child-

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