Do These 4 Yoga in Office

Due to the busy lifestyle of today, you are not able to take special care of your fitness. In such a situation, we are going to tell you about those yogasanas that you can do in the office too-

First of all, stand straight. Make a gap between both the legs. Place both your hands in front

Chair Pose - Step -1

Your position will be straight. Sit down like sitting on a chair. Stay like this for a while. Then go back to normal.


Stand up straight for this. Bend the right knee down. Wrap the left foot over the right foot. .

Garudasana Step - 1

Now raise your hands Wrap one hand over the other. Stay like this for a while. Try to meditate. Then come back to nomal position.


For this, sit up straight by laying a mat. Now turn your neck to the right Try to touch the shoulder with the chin.

Neck Roll - Step-1

Stay in this state for some time. Do the same process from the other side as well. Do this 10 to 15 times. Then go back to normal.


Laying a mat, sit cross-legged. Keep your head and back straight After that close the eyes again. Take a deep and long breath in and out Then come back to normal.

Sukhasana - Step-1

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