Ways to Increase Appetite of Children

Nowadays, every mother's concern is that her child eats less or the child feels less hungry, so let's know from Ayurvedic and Holistic Health Consultant, Dr. Arun Chaudhary, what to do to increase the appetite of children

Experts say that the health of children can be made only when their appetite is good. Feeding children without appetite can cause vomiting, which makes them weak.

Doctor Says-

According to the doctor, the health of children is hidden in their hunger, the better the appetite of the children, the healthier their body is.

Health is Hidden in Hunger

To increase the appetite of children, you should keep them active. You make them exercise, swimming, outdoor games or aerobic. This will burn their calories and increase their appetite

Keep Kids Active

Stop you kids from eating junk food. This affects both their appetite and health. Yes, you can sometimes give them some food they like to change their taste.

Refuse Junk Food

You should ask the children to drink less and less water while eating, because due to this the food of the children is not digested properly and the stomach is more full, due to which the children eat less food.

Do not allow Water While Eating

Give children a diet rich in vegetables and pulses. Most of the children do not like vegetables and pulses, you can fill them with vegetables or lentils in the paratha or make roti by kneading the dough in the lentils.

Give Vegetables and Lentils

Never let children eat roti with jam or sauce. They contain artificial colouring, which can put children at risk of attention deficit.

Don't Jam

The doctor says that never force you to eat with children. The more you feed your children, the more diseases will be kept away from them.

Don't Force Food

A dish in South Asian cuisine made of rice and lentils porridge fruit green vegetables pulses bread rice

Give nutritious food

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