These Nutrition Are Necessary For Women

Dietitian Swati Bathwal knows which vitamins and minerals women can specifically include their diet for a healthy body.

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Women Have More of This Problem-

iron deficiency Vitamin B12 deficiency Vitamin D deficiency calcium deficiency

The Reason for These Problems-

Women bleed a lot during their periods, due to which women need more blood than men. In such a situation, women can consume iron- rich green vegetables, beetroot, pomegranate and dry fruits.

Eat Iron Rich Diet

Women should take food rich in Vitamin B12 for a healthy body because its deficiency causes fatigue, hair fal, weakness and lethargy. For vitamin B12, eat soybeans, curd, oats, milk and cheese in the diet. This will give energy to your body.

Eat a diet rich in Vitamin B12

Women often complain of pain in the bones and back This happens due to the deficiency of Vitamin D. In such a situation, you should consume vitamin D-rich oranges, mushrooms, whole grains, carrots, almonds and milk in your diet

Vitamin D rich diet

Women's bones start weakening after the age of 30. In such a situatiorn, you complain of pain in the bones. Therefore, include milk, tomato, soybean, fig, orange and goosebery in your diet

Calcium Rich Diet

Folate plays an important role for women during pregnancy. By consuming it, the brain development of the fetus takes place. Women can consume oranges, leafy green vegetables, beans and peas for folate.

Folate Rich Diet

Experts say that your periods are affected by the lack of nutrients in the body. Along with this, you have the problem of fatigue and headache during this time.

According to Experts

Do not take vitamin D on an empty stomach. Take vitamin B12 with fruits. Take Calcium With Vitamin D D


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