These Measures Will Increase The Appetite of Children

Loss of appetite is a very common problem in children. In such a situation, you can take Some measures at home to increase their appetite. Know in detail in this article

Basil leaves-5-7 Cinnamon stick- 1 water as needed Honey-1 tsp Black pepper powder- 1 pinch

Basil Leaves

Make a paste by mixing basil leaves and cinnamon stick in some water. Then add honey and black pepper powder to that paste and lick the child. This will increase hunger.

Make Like This

Lemon- halved (chopped) Black pepper powder-1 pinch Salt-1-2 pinch

Increase Appetite With Lemon

First of all, steam the lemon on low fiame or bake it directly on the gas. Then sprinkle salt and pepper powder over it and let the child ick it. This remedy is very effective in increasing appetite.

Make Like This

Soak a sp0onful of fennel in water overnight. Filter that water in the morning and give it to the child. This will increase the appette of the child

Make a Drink From Fennel

Apart from these, give sOup made from vegetables like carrots, beans, tomatoes etc. to the child. Keep in mind that this soup is made at home. This increases the craving for food in children

Vegetable Soup

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