These Habits Make Bones Weak

Strong bones keep your body active and you do not have problems like fractures. That's why it's important to keep your bones strong. Let us know about those habits that can weaken your bones.

EXcessive consumption of soft drinks can weaken your bones, because soda is found in high amounts in these drinks, which reduces calcium from the body, which weakens the bones.

Soft Drink Habit

The habit of smoking can damage your bone cells, causing your bones to become weak.

Smoking Habit

The habit of not going out can weaken your bones because due to not going out, your bones do not get enough sunlight, due to which the bones start weakening.

Habit of Sitting at Home

Due to excessive consumption of alcohol, your body is not able to absorb calcium properly, due to which bones start weakening.


Let us tell you, the caffeine present in coffee can reduce the level of calcium present in the bones, due to which the bones start weakening. Therefore, do not consume too much tea and coffee.

Habit of drinking too Much Coffee

EXcess intake of salt causes calcium to pass Out through urine, which weakens your bones.

Habit of Consuming too Much Salt in Food

Take vitamin D. Take calcium. Take omega-3. do the exercise

Tips to make Bones Strong

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