These 7 Symptoms Are Seen When BP is Low

Anyone can have the problem of low blood pressure. In this story, Dr. Tapan Ghosh knows in detail, what are the symptoms when BP is low-

When BP is low, the blood circulation in your body is not able to go smoothly, due to which you feel weak and feel tired.


If there is a problem of low BP, then you start seeing blurred. In this case the nerve tissue gets damaged.

Blurred Vision

Due to lack of proper blood supply to the brain, your head becomes dizzy and you may faint. These symptoms can also be due to low BP.


When BP is low, blood circulation is affected due to the narrowing of the arteries. Because of this, hands and feet can become cold.

Cold Extremities

You may have trouble concentrating when BP is low. During this time the blood flow in the body slows down.

Trouble Concentrating

In many cases, the problem of low BP can also be due to dehydration. In this case you may feel nausea or vomiting.


When BP is low, there is a possibility of your skin turning yellow. In this case, contact the doctor immediately.

Change in Skin Color

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