These 7 Reasons Can Be a Burning Sensation In The Throat

There can be many reasons for a burning sensation in the throat, which can become a big problem for your health due to your carelessness. Let us know the main reasons for this, so that you can get it treated in time.

The problem of sore throat and burning can be due to tonsillitis infection. Due to this there is swelling in the tonsils. Symptoms include trouble swallowing, sore throat, fever, etc.


Sometimes the acid produced in the stomach comes into the food pipe, causing a burning sensation in the throat and chest. This is called acid reflux ie acidity problem.


If there is a burning sensation in the throat for a long time, then it should not be ignored because it can also be a sign of throat cancer. In case of persistent iritation, see a doctor and get it checked properly

Throat Cancer

Flu is a type of viral infection, the main symptoms of which are fever, cold and fatigue. Many times the problem of burning in the throat also starts due to filu.


There may also be a problem of buming due to increased dryness in the throat tube. If you drink less water or you have a problem with dehydration, it can cause a burning sensation in the throat

Dry Throat

In this condition the person feels that his mouth and throat are burning. This problem arises due to dryness in the mouth or veins

Burning Mouth Syndrome

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