Do not Eat hese 7 Fruits in Diabetes, Increase Sugar

Some fruits should not be consumed in diabetes at all because they can cause problems for you by suddenly increasing your blood sugar. Let us know about such fruits. 5.5

Patients with type 2 diabetes should avoid consuming figs. Figs are high in carbs and sugar. Consuming it can increase the problems of diabetic patients.

FIgs In Diabetes

Consuming pineapple in diabetes can also be harmful. Consumption of pineapple can increase the blood sugar of diabetic patients. It contains high amount of sugar or sugar

Pineapple in Diabetes

Diabetic patients should avoid eating bananas. Eating bananas in diabetic patients can cause breathing problems and problems related to weight gain and metabolism.

Do not eat Banana in Diabetes

Consumption of chikoo can also be harmful for diabetic patients. The high amount of sugar and carbs present in it can increase the problem of diabetic patients.

Chikoo in Diabetes

Patients with diabetes should not eat papaya. The amount of natural sugar and carbs in it is very high, so there is a risk of increasing blood sugar by consuming it


Consumption of raisins in diabetes is also considered harmful for health. Eating raisins increases the blood sugar level in diabetics and affects insulin sensitivity in their body.

Do not eat Raisins in Diabetes

Mango food is also harmful for diabetic patients. Mango is high in sugar, so its consumption is very harmful for type 2 diabetes patients.

Common in Diabetes

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