symptoms of kidney disease

Kidney is that part of the body which works to remove the dirt out of the body. Some special symptoms can be seen when there is a disease in the kidney. Know further.

There are many diseases related to kidney such as kidney stones, kidney cancer, kidney fanlure, cystis, hemodialysis, uremia and nephritis etc

Kidney Diseases

If there is any kind of problem in thee kidney, a change in urinary function is felt. There may be a change in the color and amount of urine.

Change in Urination

Fever can occur due to kidney disease. You may feel cold. There is a change in temperature when there is a disease in the kidney.


If pain is felt in the back and side of the stomach, then it can be a symptom of kidney disease.

Back Pain

Swelling of hands, feet, tace, joints, under the eyes can occur due to kidney disease. When the kidney is damaged, the dirt is not able to get out of the body and symptoms like Swelling are seen

Swelling Up

You will feel tired and lethargic due to kidney problems. Dizziness is also a symptom of kidney disease

To be Tired

f you have kidney disease, you may have gas problem. In addition, vomiting may occur. In case of persistent vomiting, go to the doctor immediately

Having Gas

Due to kidney disease, the amount of phosphorus and calcium in the body is affected. Due to this, itching, rashes and roughness can be felt in the skin.


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