Symptoms of Ear Infection

During monsoon, the problem of fungal, bacterial and viral infections increases in the ear. Recognizing the symptoms is essential to treat the infection. Know about them.

Ear Infection Symptoms

If you have pain in your ear, then it can be a symptom of infection. The pain may increase due to the increase in the amount of bacteria in the ear.

Pain in Ear

Itching in the ear is a symptom of infection Using earbuds can also cause itching problem.


If you are unable to hear properly, then it could be a symptom of infection. In such a situation, you should get your ears checked.


A feeling of heaviness in the ear is a symptom of infection. Infection can occur due to excessive dirt in the ear, go to the doctor and get the ear cleaned.


If your ears are looking red, then you should get tested. This may be due to seasonal infection.

Red Ear

The discharge of white or yellow colored pus from the ear is a symptom of ear infection. Symptoms of infection increase during monsoon.


If you have a high fever, get your ears checked. This is a symptom of infection Infections also cause insomnia.


Do not allow moisture to settle in the ear. Wipe the ear with a clean cloth after bathing. Do not use too many earphones or earbuds. Get your ears checked from time to time

Prevention of Infection

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