Skin Turns Black Due to Smoking

Stay away from the use of cigarettes. It can damage your lungs as well as your skin and hair. Know, the damage to the skin due to smoking-

The habit of smoking can reduce the glow of your face. Due to this your body remains dehydrated, due to which not enough water reaches your skin cells. Because of this your face appears discolored

Darkening of Face

Excess consumption of cigarettes can increase your acne problem because smoking cigarettes can cause dehydration, which causes problems in blood circulation and the blood is not cleaned properly, which can lead to the problem of acne

Acne Problem

Cigarette smoking releases nicotine into your body, which blocks the flow of oxygen to the body and your skin cannot breathe properly.

Make Skin Unhealthy

Due to the habit of smoking, your wounds do not heal easily. Your minor injury takes a long time to heal.

Delayed Wound Healing

Smoking increases the amount of free radicals in your body, which can increase the risk of skin cancer.

Skin Cancer Risk

Smoking slows down the process of collagen production, making your face less supple.

Stop The Process of Making Collagen

Due to smoking, the tightening of your skin starts decreasing, due to which your skin becomes loose and sagging.

Reduce Skin Tightening

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