Safety Tips for Teaching Bicycles to Kids

In this story, learn about some such safety tips by adopting which you can teach your children to ride a bicycle safely. Read this article to know in detail

When your child is 4 to 6 years old, you can teach him to ride a bicycle. At this time he is ready to lean new things

When Should Children be Taught to Ride a Bicycle?

Choose a bicycle for your child which is according to his height Cycling too high can also cause injury.

How are You Cycling

Wear all the safety equipment like helmet, knee cap, gloves by your child on his own. Along with this, gradually teach him to do all this too

Security Related Things

The helmet of the child should be such that only half of his forehead is covered. A bigger helmet will make him feel the weight on his head

Get The Right Helmet

Do not choose a crowded place to teach your children to cycle. Choose an empty street or park only. It would be better if they learned to cycle in open space.

Right Place

To teach children to ride a bicycle, it is very important to teach them to balance. When they ride a bicycle, you must hold their cycle from behind.

Learn to balance

While teaching a child to cycle, take special care of the height of their bicycle seat. Their feet should be touching the jean while cycling so that they do not fll.

Also Note The Height of The Seat

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