Reduce Belly fat Without Dieting

To reduce the hanging fat of the stomach, people often resort to dieting. Even after this they are not able to succeed. Today in this story of ours, know how you can reduce belly fat without dieting-

Make protein-rich things like fish, eggs, beans and yogurt a part of the diet. According to the research of NCBI, taking a diet rich in protein keeps weight control. It also reduces belly fat.

Protein Rich Diet

Keep your body posture right ater siting for a long time. By bending the shoulders, the stomach starts coming out. Sit with your spine straight

Also take care of body posture

if you take more calories in food, then it gets stored in your body as fat. If it is not burned, it increases in belly fat.

More Calories

Lack of sleep and stress makes you more hungry. By doing this, you start overeating, which increases the fat stored in the stomach. TO avoid this, get enough sleep.

Get Plenty of Sleep

Along with soft drinks, soda drinks also contain a lot of sugar. This increases belly fat. You can take natural drinks.

Don't Drink soft Drinks

Exercise should be done for half an hour daily. It accelerates metabolism, which helps in burning calories.

Do the Exercise

To improve metabolism, you should drink enough water. Due to this there is no shortage of water in the body and bely fat also decreases. Drink hot water or lemonade.

Drink Water

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