Recognize the Symptoms of Nutrient Deficiency

It is very important to have adequate amount of nutrients in your body to stay healthy. Today in this story, know in detail what are the symptoms of deficiency of these elements in the body-

if you experience fatigue, weakness or difficulty in breathing, as well as pain in the head or chest, then your body may be iron deficient Along with this, there may also be yellowing on the nails and face.

Iron Deficiency

Due to its deficiency, your teeth and bones can become weak. Along with this, you may also complain of pain in teeth and bones. Lack of calcium can also cause muscle stiffness.

Calcium Deficiency

Your hands and feet can become numb if there is less folic acid in the body. Apart from this, you may also have tingling problem.

Folic Acid

Its deficiency directly affects your eyes. Due to the deficiency of vitamin A, your skin becomes dry, it can also cause acne problems aong with itching and swelling

Vitamin A

Deficiency of vitamin B can lead to skin problems besides diarhoea, dementia.

Vitamin B

If you are deficient in Vitamin D, you may have to face bone diseases. In such a situation, the muscles of your body start weakening

Vitamin D

Its deficiency can lead to problems ranging from stomach pain to blood sugar. In such a a situation, digestion becomes weak and there may be a problem of constipation.


weak hair Joint pain stress weakness fatigue irregular heartbeat weakness in bones

Other Symptoms of Nutritional Deficiency

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