Know the Symptoms of Low Stomach Acid

Read this story to know in detail about the symptoms, causes of low acid in stomach. This acid is very important for digestion.

This problem is called hypochlorhydria. In such a situation, there is a deficiency of acid in the stomach of the patient, which is called hydrochloric acid. This acid is very important for the digestion of food

What is lack of Acid in the Stomach?

.hair loss bloating .Constipation gas weakness

Symptoms of Hypochlorthydria

stomach diseases lack of nutrients in the body heartburn weak nails other infections

Other Symptoms of Hypochlorhydria

Stomach acid deficiency occurs when your body lacks vitamin B or zinc.

Vitamin Deficiency

Even a healthy person becomes ll due to stress. One of the main reasons for having problems with hypochlorhydria can be stress.


The problem of hypochlorhydria can also OcCur if you have had any abdominal surgery or operation. lt reduces stomach acid.


This is a type of bacteria that causes problems related to the stomach and intestines. Due to this, the acid produced in the stomach also decreases.

Helicobacter Pylori

This problem can also be faced with age. Those who are above 65, stomach acid starts Torming less.

Growing Old

do yoga stress away therapy help drink plenty of water have a good diet

Methods of Protection

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