Know the Causes of Scaly Lips

Your lips suffer a lot due to dryness or cracking of lips. Due to excessive dryness of the lips, blood can also come out of them.

Smoking can cause dry mouth, which reduces the production of saliva in your mouth and makes your lips dry.

Because of Smoking

Your lips can also become dry due to repeated use of tongue on the lips. The enzymes in your saliva can damage the skin of the lips. Therefore, do not put your tongue on the lips again and again.

Frequent lip Smacking

Applying products with artificial fragrance to the lips can lead to the formation of scabs on the skin of your lips. Therefore, do not use highly aromatic artificial fragrances.

Applying the Wrong Product to the lips

Dehydration can also cause chapped Iips. Due to lack of water, your tongue starts drying and you put your tongue on the lips again and again.

Due to lack of Water

The cause of chapped lips can also be due to excessive lipstick application. Due to this, the cells of your lips start getting damaged, due to which they first become dark and then they start becoming dry.

Applying more lipstick on the Lips

Your lips can also dry out due to strong sunlight So don't forget to apply sun protection balm when you are out in the sun.

Because of the Hot Sun

First of all, keep in mind the things mentioned above and try to drink as much water as possible. Use these methods to make lips soft

Soften lips

You can apply honey on your lips before sleeping at night. Then in the morning wash it off with water. This will make the dry skin of your lips soft.


Ghee is a natural moisturizer, which can help in healing your chapped ips. Before sleeping at night, apply a few drops of ghee on your lips. This will reduce the problem of your chapped lips.


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