Increasing Screen time Can Cause Health Damage

Blue light emitted from the screens of phones, laptops and tablets is considered hamful to the eyes. The amount of time a person uses these screened gadgets every day is considered as his screen time.

Due to excessive screen time, mental and physical problems start to occur. Sitting in front of the screen for hoOurs increases problems like stress, initability and insomnia. Let us know about the health problems caused by this.

Working on the phone or laptop all day can cause dryness in the eyes. Due to this, the problem of burning and tching starts in the eyes. While looking at the screen, you blink less, which increases the dryness in the eyes

Eye Dryness

The blue light emitted by sitting in front of the sCreen for a long time at night damages the retina. Due to this blurring starts and the possibility of loss of vision increases.

Retina is Weak

Continuous viewing of the screen reduces the blinking of the eyelids, due to which the eyes do not get rest and the lacrimal glands are affected. This causes water to fall from the eyes. This can cause bluring of the eyes.

Watery Eyes

Sitting in one place for a long time and running a laptop or phone can lead to muscle stifness. This can cause pain and strain in the back and neck.

Back and Neck Pain

Sitting in front of the screen for a long time during the night also affects your sleep. Due to late night use of the phone, sleep is not complete and the next day there is lethargy and fatigue.

Lack of Sleep

Spending too much time on screen has a bad effect on mental health. The light emitted from the screen damages the eyes, due to which the headache also starts. This causes stress and insomnia.

Headache and Tension

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