How to Treat Tonsillitis in Children?

Children can develop tonsillitis due to many reasons. Due to which they may have problems with sore throat and swelling. Know in this article some ways to prevent it

Throat pain loss of appetite white and yellow coating on tonsils fever Headache pain in ear

Symptoms of Tonsillitis

trouble swallowing food Sore throat swelling stif dificulty speaking

Other Symptoms of Tonsillitis

recurrent tonsillitis chronic tonsillitis acute tonsillitis

Types of Tonsillitis

throat swab test blood test Apart from this, you should contact the doctor.

Test for Tonsillitis

To get relief from tonsillitis, drink a glass of warm milk by adding 1 pinch of turmeric and 1 pinch of black pepper powder. By doing this you will get relief from pain and swelling

Milk is Beneficial

Make the child gargle to get relief from the problem of tonsilitis. For this, boil turmeric, black salt and black pepper in water. Gargle the child with this water twice a day.


It has anti-toxin properties along with vitamin A, which removes toxins from the body and provides relief from the problem of tonsilitis.

Carrot Juice

Children try to play all day, but if they continue to play due to tonsillitis, then the problem can get worse. To avoid this, ask them to rest as much as possible.

Take a Rest

You should feed soft food to your batby. So that the problem of his throat does not increase further. Along with this, you should compress the neck of the child.

Give Soft Food

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