Due to Allergies

What is an allergy When our body responds by changing from its normal state, it is called an allergy. Allergies can occur in many ways some may have food allergies, some may have skin allergies, and some people may also be allergic to the change of seasons.

Many people are also allergic to the change in weather. It is also called environmental allergy, in which the infection increases in the air and can cause problems like cough, cold and sneezing in people.

Change in Weather

Sometimes insect bites such as bee stings or mosquito bites can also cause allergies. Due to this, there may be problems like rashes on the skin, swelling etc.

Insect Bite

Many times, due to excessive consumption of medicines, along with skin rashes, there are problems like itching and swelling on the face


Many people may also be allergic to the fragrance of flowers and plants. When a person comes in contact with these fine particles, there may be problems like sneezing and runny nose.

Allergy to Flowers and Plants

This is also a big reason for allergies, if your immunity is weak then you can be vulnerable to symptoms like cough, cold, cold and fever.

Weakening of Immunity

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