Early Signs Of Lung Disease

For the oxygen level in the body to be correct, it is necessary that there is no problem in breathing and the lungs remain healthy. Lean some of the symptoms that can be a sign of a serious lung disease.

lf you have been battling cough problem for 7- 8 weeks or more, it means that you have a serious problem with your lungs. This problem also affects the respiratory system.

Persistent Cough

The formation of mucus for a month or more is also a sign of lung problem.

Excessive Mucus

Not being able to breathe properly or becoming breathless while sitting is also a sign of lung related disease.


Vibration or hoarse voice while breathing is also a sign of a disease related to the lungs.


Coughing up blood can also be a sign of serious lung disease. It can come from your lungs or windpipe.

Coughing up Blood

Pain in the chest and increasing of that pain while breathing or coughing is also a sign that you are having a serious lung problem.

Chest Pain

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