Do not Take a Bath After These 5 Things

Bathing daily is a work of our physical cleanliness, which plays an important role in keeping our body clean. But taking a shower immediately after some work can have a bad effect on your health.

Taking a bath after these activities increases your body temperature, which takes time to return to nomal. Therefore, do not take a bath immediately after these works

Do Not Take Bath even after Doing These Things by Mistake

Taking a bath immediately after eating makes it difficuit for the stomach to digest food, which can lead to gas and indigestion. So take a bath after 2 hours of eating

Immediately After Eating

After coming from outside, your body temperature rises and taking a bath immediately after coming from outside reduces the body temperature rapidly, which can lead to the problem of cold and fiu

After Coming Out

Do not take a shower immediately after having tea, coffee or any hot beverage. Due to this the body temperature rises, due to which it takes one and a half to two hours to return to normal. You can take a bath after two hours.

Immediately After Tea

Do not sit down to take a shower immediately after getting out of bed. This habit of yours can also make you a patient of heart and BP

After Waking Up

Do not go out for a bath immediately after yoga, exercise or dance. Your blood circulation and body temperature increase while working out So you wait for half an hour. Then go take a bath.

After Workout

Cold and cough headache complaints problem of paralysis

Damage to The Body by Bathingg Immediately-

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