Benefits of Vitamin A During Pregnancy

Vitamin A deficiency in pregnancy can be harmful to both the mother and the unborn baby. Let us know why vitamin Ais considered important for pregnant women.

Taking vitamin A in the right amount during pregnancy helps in the development of the fetus. The bones, teeth, skin and vision of the baby are improved due to the intake of vitamin A during pregnancy.

Aids in Child Development

Vitamin A improves immune health during pregnancy by stimulating nutrients that protect the body from diseases and infections. Vitamin A is beneficial for the immune system response and function.

In Boosting Immunity

Vitamin A deficiency during pregnancy increases the risk of bone fractures. Along with calcium and vitamin D, it is also necessary to have enough vitamin A in the body for better development of bones.

For Bones

Pregnant women are often troubled by the problem of anemia. This is because they have to produce blood for themselves as well as for the fetus. Vitamin A helps in making blood.

Prevent Anemia

Vitamin A is essential for improving eyesight Its consumption keeps the eyes healthy for a long life. People who have weak eyes should take this vitamin.

For The Eyes

Cod liver oil, eggs, fortified cereals, green leafy vegetables, orange and yellow vegetables can be excellent sources of vitamin A

Sources of Vitamin A

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