Avoid these Mistakes to Increase Stamina

f you too get tired of doing any work, then know from nutritionist and wellness expert Varun Katyal which mistakes you should avoid to increase stamina-

Consuming too much alcohol affects your stamina. This reduces the energy of the body, due to which you also feel tired quickly.

Drinking Wine

Stamina can also decrease due to not taking a diet rich in protein. Add seeds, peanuts, cashews, sunflower seeds, almonds, spinach, mushrooms, cauifiower, broccoli, peas, oats to your diet for muscle growth and strong bones.

Not Taking Protein

Drinking less water can lower the energy level in the body. Drink plenty of water. This will also prevent dehydration.

Insufficiency of Water

According to research, sodium is very important to increase the body's ability to work. Make sodium-rich foods a part of the diet

Low Sodium

Due to the problems caused by caffeine, people often refrain from consuming t. But according to a research, 6 mg of caffeine can be taken to increase the body's stamina.

Less Caffeine

By not doing physical activities, you not only weaken your stamina, but you also remain sluggish throughout the day. Exercising is very important to stay healthy.

Not Exercising

It affects the heart and muscles as well as other parts of the body. This reduces stamina. Avoid smoking and take a good diet.

To Smoke

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