7 Reasons for Not Feeling Hungry in the Morning

It is very important to have breakfast in the moming because most of the people are going for their office jobs at this time and they need better immunity during travel because there is more risk of infection during travelling, so let's know Due to loss of appetite

During the night the metabolism in our body slows down. In such a situation, by eating a large amount of food at night, it is difficult for your stomach to digest the food, due to which the food remains in the stomach till moming.

Reasons for Having Heavy Dinner at Night

There is an imbalance in hormones while sleeping at night, which affects your appetite and makes you feel less hungry in the moning.

Hormone Changes

Your morning appetite gets affected due to stress and anxiety. Also it affects your sleep. This keeps you tired, which makes you feel like eating less.

Reasons For Tension

If you are pregnant, then you may have moming sickness, in which women have the problem of vomiting. In such a situation, you feel less hungry in the morning.

Due to Pregnancy

You may lose your appetite if you have a cold, flu, pneumonia, and lung problems. In such a situation, you do not taste the food, due to which you do not feel like eating.

After Getting Sick

Taking antibiotics can also be the reason for loss of appetite in the morning. This can affect your appetite

Due to Drug

Your loss of appetite can happen even if you have thyroid problems. This is due to hypothyroidism. In this, your thyroid can reduce your appetite.

Due to Thyroid

There is fatigue in the body. Metabolism slows down. There is tension. Immunity is weak

By Not Taking Breakfast-

Have curd with jamun. Take banana and honey in pormidge. Take spinach and fresh fruits. Take mushroom, tomato, capsicum and paneer.

What to do

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