7 Oils For Baby Massage

Massaging the body is very important for the physical development of children. In this article, learn about 7 such oils which are helpful in keeping children healthy-

Rich in antibacterial, antifungal and antioxidant properties, this oil protects babies from skin infections. Massaging children with this oil in summer gives coolness to their skin.

Tea Tree Oil

If babies have sleep problems, you can massage them with chamomile oil. t does not cause rashes on their skin.

Chamomile Oil

Itcontains anti fungal and anti bacterial elements which are very beneficial for the skin of children. This oil is beneficial for summers as it has a cooling effect.

Coconut Oil

The anti-inflammatory properties present in it work to reduce the inflammation of the skin. This gives relief to the child from the problem of rashes.

Sandalwood Oil

Children should be massaged with this oil in winters because mustard oil has a warming effect. f you want, you can also take expert advice once.

Mustard Oil

Almond oil, rich in the properties of vitamin E, does not allow children to get skin diseases. This makes their skin soft.

Badam Oil

t has moisturizing properties that provide moisture to the skin from within. Before massaging babies with olive oil, consult an expert

Olive Oil

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