7 Habits That Damage Hair

Due to pollution and busy lifestyle, your hair can fall. But did you know that these 7 habits of yours can damage your hair.

If you have a habit of smoking or drinking, your hair can be damaged due to this. This makes your hair dry, which can break further.


Taking too much stress can break your hair. So think of being as happy as possible. This will make your hair strong.


Due to excessive hair washing, the amount of sebum starts decreasing from the hair, due to which the hair starts losing its moisture and becomes tangled and broken. So wash your hair twice a week with a good shampoo

Excessive Hair Washing

When your hair is wet, it is weak at that time. In such a situation, do not comb your wet hair. This can break them.

Comb on Wet Hair

Tight tying of your hair can cause breakage of your hair. By tying the hair tight, their roots get stretched, due to which they start becoming weak

Tie Hair Tight

Using a blow dryer causes your hair to lose its moisture, causing it to tangle and break.

Blow Dryer

Mosty consuming outside junk food and fast food does not provide nutritious elements to your hair, due to which your hair starts falling.

Unhealthy Food

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