The police taking the pregnant woman prisoner to the hospital stayed at the coffee shop, had to pay such a huge compensation

In America, due to the negligence of the police, the pregnant female prisoner suffered a great loss (symbolic photo)

America (US) In this, a woman has been given compensation of $ 480,000 i.e. about Rs 3.83 crore. According to the Los Angeles Times, Police taking this pregnant woman to the hospital in the coffee shop Starbucks But it was stopped, after which the woman had an abortion. This woman named Sandra Quinones was pregnant and was in Orange County Jail for an incident that happened in 2016. After the labor pains started, the 28-year-old woman asked the police to take her to the hospital, but due to the delay in reaching the hospital, the woman suffered a great loss. Kiones is no longer in captivity, claiming in his lawsuit that his treatment was delayed by two hours because police personnel deployed were negligent.

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On Tuesday, Orange County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved the payment of this six-figure compensation amount to the now 34-year-old Kiones. The LA Times further reported that the woman will have to accept it formally before this compensation is finalized.

Keenone’s lawyer, Research Harmon, told the newspaper that she was homeless, unable to work, had mental problems but did not give up, claiming in her lawsuit that the police did not call an ambulance first, then because of her medical needs. Worked very carelessly, who stopped at Starbucks in the middle.

The woman’s trial was initially dismissed in October 2020 but her appeal was heard again last year. The New York Post says According to court filings, Keenone was admitted to the hospital but her child did not survive. Her lawyer says that she had to stay in jail longer than the sentence even after the abortion.